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Sunday, March 13, 2011

... And the winner is!...

...Well 1st of all I want to thank each and every one of you for entering!... Believe this won't be my only giveaway!... Ill be having more!.. So stay tune to my blog!.. And now without further due the winner is Shopatspicywedding!.. Congratulations to the winner!.. I already announce it on twitter and waiting for the winner to respond!..

Friday, March 11, 2011


            Well its almost time to pick a winner!... I wish everyone who entered LUCK and believe me that this will not be the last giveaway ill have in my blog!.. so stay around and find out what will be next!.. so its 11:08 pm... ill be announcing the winner Sunday!.. around the same time so be on the look out for that post!.. Again I want to thank everyone!.. thank you for your entries i LOVE reading each and one of them!.. So let me tell you who inspires me.. First of all God his my creator ans saviour!.. after him I would have to say my Husband.. he inspires me to think big and not give up... and last but not least my baby's they teach me sooo much!... well there goes my little rant! again THANK YOU!...:0)

Time to conceal...

     Well recently i posted that i needed help with ideas for my blog.. and Shopatspicyweeding was kind enough to give me a little hint.. she wants to know what I think of concealers!.. well here goes my thoughts on them.. i currently have Mac Studio Sculpt in NW35, Kat VonD tattoo concealer in caramel, Revlon colorStay under eye concealer in medium,Dream Mousse concealer in beige, Hard <3 Candy Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer in medium and in tan, Victoria Secret camouflage FX concealer palette and last but not least Hard <3 candy nobodies perfect concealer palette... so lets start with

     Mac Studio Sculpt: I love this one for my scares.. its very creamy and i like to use it with my fingers just because it warms up the product.. since its creamy you have to set it with a powder.. so this one is $16.50 the price is not bad for all the product you get.. but there are so many similar products in the drugstores!..

     Kat Von D: This one is not all is crack up to be for me is very creamy and not as full cover as it says to be.. don't get me wrong it covers but i wouldn't say it covers a tattoo!.. so the price in Sephoras web site is $25 for that price i have to see NO scares what so ever.. but that's not the case for me!.. Love the consistency but not the COVERAGE!..

     REVLON Color Stay: I LOVE this one for my under eyes.. you know that glowy look!.. well i get that with this product!.. i use the bareMinerals well-rested to set it.. so that helps A LOT!.. This product is only $7.95..

    Maybelline DREAM MOUSSE: I love the concept if this product its a mousse but after you apply it.. it turns to a powder!.. COOL RIGHT!.. its great for your under eyes and minimal scaring.. if you have HUGE scars i would have to say it doesn't work.. well not on me.. i have a HUGE scar in my right cheek and it doesn't cover it very well.. This one is only $7.95.. when I bought it!.. unfortunately is been discontinue..

Hard <3 Candy Glamoflauge concealer: I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE this product.. this is what the
 Kat Von D should be for the price.. the coverage is SUPER!.. you only need a pea size amount and when i say a pea size i mean it!.. a little goes a LONG way!.. and for only $6.00 bucks!.. i have 2 colors because the ligther one i use it for my under eyes and i set it with my bareMinerals also.. and the darker one for any scars that I have.. I have to say this might just might be a Holly grail product for me!..

Victoria Secret Pro camouflage FX concealer palette: This one has 5 colors and the concept is to conceal your redness and all the other color issues you are having.. i like to mix the 2nd and the 3rd color to get my right color to conceal my scars.. and the green one i LOVE it does cover the redness of my scars and little visitors i have.. if you get my drift!..;) and there's a orange/brown looking color that its great for your under eyes!.. cause it cancels all the blue or purple that you might have.. the price on this baby is  $14.00 dollars for all those colors..

     Hard >3 Candy Nobody's Perfect Concealer Palette: This palette comes with 6 different colors for you to conceal all the little problems that you might have.. like redness and your blue under your eyes!.. i like the concept but the consistency is NOT great some get very dry.. where others tend to get like little drops of water that turn the product watery!.. it comes with a brush that well to my point of view is useless.. cause i think that its always better to put your concealers with your fingers.. because of the warmth of your fingers will blend the product much better.. I hope you can tell the water on the 1st one from your Left hand side.. and the price is only $8.00..
So if I would have to pick of all this.. I would have to go with the Hard <3 Candy Glamoflauge.. I LOVE everything about it the consistency and not to say the price!.. for mom with a budget like myself this is a GREAT deal.. Thank you for taking your time and reading my blog.. if you have any request let me know!.. much Love Lili..

Friday, March 4, 2011


.. Hello to all my new followers!... Hope you stick around for the ride with me!... as you all know I'm new to this blogging thing!... So I was talking to my beautiful girl Ali about me having trouble coming up with posts!... so she gave me really good ideas!... now the question to all of you is.. What would you like to see in my blog?.. give me your opinion.. i would LOVE to know what you'll think!..