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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My Oct Glamour issue came on the mail yesterday and I was so intrigue when I came across  the Top 10 DIY Beauty Recipes and the  ways to use Three Drugstore Classics!.. It opened my eyes to soo many new things that I had never though about and it click me I haven't done a post in such a long time!.. so why not share this with all my Beautiful Girls/Guys (if there's any that follow my blog) So with out further a due here we gooo!..:)

Top 10 DIY Beauty Recipes:
1. Brow sugar + milk= body exfoliator
2. Yogurt + honey= sensitive-skin and redness remedy
3. Safflower oil + Sunflower oil=scalp treatment
4. Petroleum jelly + raw, unrefined sugar= lip scrub
5.A dash of salt + water= surf spray for hair ( I remember my grandma telling me to do this one so I wont damage my hair with hairspray)
6. Rosewater + coconut milk= relaxing bat ( Sooo wanna do this)
7. Warmed-up olive oil= prewash treatment for hair
8. Green tea+ water = Toner
9. Lemon juice + chamomile tea= hair lightener ( when I do this I will post the results)
10. Epsom salt + almond oil + cinnamon oil + sandalwood oil+ allspice oil= hand and foot scrub

10 Ways to Use Three Drugstore Classics
#1 A toothbrush! Use it to....
1. .. get rid of flyaways: Dab hair gel on the bristles, then smooth along your hairline.
2. .. exfoliate lips: wet the brush, and gently rub over lips.
3. ..whip up a face mask: Use it to mix ingredients and apply.
4. ..groom brows: Spritz the bristle with hairspray!
5. ..dye brows: Dip it in hair color, and brush through brows (leave dye on for 3-5 minutes)
6. ..try a laid-back' do: Spray hair with dry shampoo; back-comb with the brush
7. ..cover grays: Coat gray strands with eyeshadow that matches your base color.
8. ..fix mascara: Nix globs.
9. ..remove hair-color stains: Dip the brush in shampoo, and gently scrub around your hairline.
10. ..and well the most obvious!.. brush teeth: Twice!

#2: Petroleum Jelly. It Can...

1. ..gloss eyes: Put a small amount over shadow- or even on bare lids= for chic shine. ( and this I saw my girl Gabriela on YT do.. so hey if Glamour puts it on its top 10!. my girl is ahead of the game)..;)
2. ..boost lashes: Dab on lashes and brows before bed to keep them supple and strong. ( this I will also report back on!.. I will be trying it since I lack on some parts of my
3. ..moisturize lips: All day.
4. .. protect skin while coloring hair: Apply around your hairline to prevent staining.
5. ..soften crackle heels: Coat feet at night, put on cotton socks, wake up smooth.
6. ..chisel cheeks: Pat a (tiny!) bit on cheekbones. ( so in another word save your $ on
7. ..nourish nails: Massage into cuticles to soften them.
8. ..undo foundation overkill: Tap it along skin to break it up.
9. ..soothe cold-induced chapping: It beats fancy creams for the dry skin around the nose-those can sting.
10.. If you don't use jelly... Make a flavored lip gloss. Mix with Kool-Aid! (this I will be doing for my girls since its Natural!)

#3: A Cotton Swab. Try It To...

1. ..desmudge: Dip one in makeup remover to erase goofs.
2. ..create a cat eye: Use one to stretch liner up and out.
3. ..soften a lip-liner edge: Run it over the outside of the line.
4. ..tame heavy eyeliner: Or just perfect for work.
5. a bedroom eye: Apply eyeliner, then remove some.
6. ..lighten up: Dip it in illuminator to highlight cheekbones.
7. ..camouflage darkness: Dab brightening powder under eyes and around nostrils.
8. ..remove fake lashes: Saturate a swab in makeup remover; wiggle across the base of the fake lash to peel it off.
9. ..hide zits: Dab powder over conceler to keep it in place.
10. ..get your money's worth: Dig a swab into any almost-empty jar of precious product. Every Penny counts!.

Well Ive learned a lot from this!.. I hope you guys enjoy it!.. Let me now what you think.. <3