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Thursday, December 29, 2011



This Blushes are AMAZING!!!.. they have a range of colors and as we all know Tarte is a Company that uses lots of natural ingriends in there Products!.. These are the new Blushes that Tarte came up with I believe this year they are called the Amazonian Clay and they claim to wear for long time.. which I will add Ive had them for a couple of months and they DO wear for a long time.. I LOVE these Blushes the Formula is SOOO soft and Highly Pigmented.. A little goes a long way specially for the Brigth ones..
I have 5 of them and I Love them all!.. I just migth have to pick the rest up.. they are that GREAT!..:D

Left: Blissful, Right: Tipsy

Left: Natural Beauty Right: Flush


Swaches: L-R exposed, blissful, tipsy, natural beauty, flush
As you can see the swatches are STUNNING they are SOOO pigmented and they just glide on your cheecks!.. If I would  have to pick 2 of them to be my Favorite I would have to go with Expose and Blissful they look so Natural on me and Even when I layer them over and over I dont get that CRAZY clown look.. LOVE LOVE!!.. Expose is a Light Brown with pink undertones and it shows SO defferent on everyone on me it looks like I just Blushed I love this color It one of my Most used colors. I also like to layer my Blushes, well everything for that matter (Mascara,Foundation,LipGloss,Lipstick) I layer this one with Matahari from NARS and I LOVE the look I get and I also like to layer it with Flush and OMG!..:D
Hope you Guys enjoy the 2nd part of my Blush Collection..

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hour..

As many of you have heard Maybelline came up with a new line called Color Tattoo.. Supposedly these cream shadows are suppose to last 24hrs on your eyes!.. I still haven't meet anyone who will last with they're makeup for 24hrs. And I haven't tried them myself for that amount of time either, so I can't tell you if they do last for the time they claim it will!.. What I CAN tell you it's that they are GREAT!!!. Soooo pigmented and such a Great range of colors!.. I got 2 of them and I he to say I'm really digging these 2 colors!..:) I got #35 Though as Taupe which is a beautiful grayish taupe color and to me looks like it has a hint of purple undertones!.. LOVE it!.. The other one I got is #24 Bad to the Bronze!.. Love the name! This Color it's GORGEOUS!!.. It look BEAUTIFUL alone or layered underneath a taupe color or any color for that matter!.. Have you picked up any?.. And if you have let me know how you like them and what you think of them!..
#35 Though as Taupe

Swatch of #35 *No Primer*

Swatch of #24 *No Primer*

#24 Bad to the Bronze


So as I said in one of my previous Post I was going to do my Blush Collection, So here it goes I'm going to start with One of my FAVORITE brands NARS!.. I have to say that Nars has its names with at 1st when my Husband would ask me whats the name of the Blush I was using I was a little timid on telling Nars Blushes are very Pigmented and a Little goes a LONG way no LIE!.. They have a range of colors from an everyday use to BAMM on your Face..  :D

Exhibit A

Top:Orgasm, R:Angelika
L:DeepThroat, Bottom:MataHari

Top: Madly, R:LoveJoy
L:Douceur, Bottom: Sex Appeal

As you can see I have a range of colors, I have to say that my favs are Douceur, Madly, LoveJoy, Mata Hari and Exhibit A.. I LOVE Mata Hari is a tone down purple and a little goes a long way you can pile it up if you want and get a Really Intense Purple so BEAUTIFUL..  Douceur is such a GORGEOUS color and on me it looks like a pinkie brown and on other people it has a different affect in my opinion its a MOST!!.. Now Exhibit A its such a BEAUTIFUL color and now this one you really need a VERY light hand its SUPER pigmented!!.. and it looks BEAUTIFUL on EVERYONE!..:)

Top:Cactus Flower, R: Penny Lane
L:Gold Member, Bottom: Lokoum
I have 4 Cream Blushes and they are GREAT!.. I use them as a base for other Blushes or just as a Blush alone.. Gold Member its such a pretty Highlight!.. and Cactus Flower I've even used it as a lip stick/gloss and it has a really good pay off. Cream Blushes as you all know, can be used in SO many ways. and NARS Cream Blushes have a very soft and pigmented consistency..


South Beach

South Beach

I really like the idea of a Multiple, But on my face I think the shimmer its too much!.. What I use it for its for a eyeshadow base.. and on me it doesn't crease.. South Beach is like a Bronze with like a Peachy undertone..

And last but certainly not least, this is the only Highlight I own, its a really BEAUTIFUL highlight and on me it looks like it has a Gold undertone.. and what I like the most is that it doesn't bring out my large pores.. Thumps up for that..:)

Well there you go!.. My NARS Blush Collection.. :D Hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think and what you want to see next.. Wish you a Happy New Year next to all your Family Members.. :D

Lets get Naked Again!..;)

So as you all know Urban Decay made a second Naked Pallet.. and as I was going to order it my Beautiful Friend Gabriela as many of you know as MAKEUPWITHGABRIELA on YouTube got it for me for Xmas!.. :D I was SO excited when I got it in the mail I couldn't wait to use it. And well here are my thoughts on the Naked 2..
I love the case that it comes in it feels more sturdy and I feel the shadows are more protected.. I didn't have a problem with the Original Naked package. But this one I feel looks more slick..;)
Naked 2
Naked Original
As most of Urban Decay pallets most of the shadows are shimmery apart from 3 that are Matt and 1 that seems matte but has just a semi satin look to it.. and the rest are shimmery and then we have the ones with chunks of glitter on them..

A you can see theres a lot of similarities on both pallets.. and I asked myself why did they put Half Baked again in the Naked 2.. I have NO idea!!.. The other thing its NO primer potion it came with a lip gloss.. I really like having the travel size primer but the lip gloss its not bad..
As you can see the colors are BEAUTIFUL but the problem I had was when applying them they really don't have that much pay off I had to re-apply 2 to 3 layers where is to the Original Naked I always applied it Once and that was it!..
As you all know this pallet comes with a double ended brush instead of a eyeliner.. I really don't like Double ended Brushes because its hard to store them.. but maybe its just me..:/
I LOVE LOVE this Brush its Super soft and well you have all the Brushes you will need to make a look.. a flat brush and a very soft crease/blending brush.. Thumps up for Urban Decay on the Brush!!..:)
And like I said the Naked 2 didn't come with a Primer it came with Naked a Lip Junkie.. The color its not SO different from other colors its like a peachy pinkie color and the smell is wonderful. It smells like Peppermint, I love peppermint!!.. :D it doesn't sting or anything its a Beautiful everyday color..:)

 My Final though: I love that Urban Decay came up with a Naked 2 but I have the say that the original was the BEST.. the color Pay off on the Naked 2 wasn't that great.. as a Makeup Junkie that I am I would of Bough it Myself either way.. I Love how the Naked 2 has Matt highlight colors.. Now the question is do you need both of them? ummm maybe Not! But I will leave that to YOU..;) 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hello everyone!.. Hope you are all doing good!.. Well first of all I hope you guys had a Great Thanksgiving with your family!.. Now for a quick question.. would you guys like to see my Blush collection?.. or whatever collection? let me know what you guys think.. Leave me a comment telling me what is that you want to see first.. Thank you sooo much!.. Have a GREAT week/weekend.. :0)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mac dupes/comparisons from CoastalScents Hot Pots..

So I was looking for dupes for the 28 Neutral Pallet.. and I came across a video that Enkoremakeup has about Hot pots from CoastalScents and he was giving lots of dupes/comparisons from Mac.. so I decided to share this with you guys.. but when I went to the CoastalScents website they have change the numbering they had previously and now they have names so i went one by one to see the new names that they have for the colors.. so on this list I will given you the old number with the new name they have as of now with the Mac dupe/comparison.. If you want you can go to YouTube and look for the videos Enkoremakeup made they are called Hot Pots and Hot Pots Too..
  1. M01 Powder Pink= Casa Blanca * Limited Edition*
  2. M02 Jungle green= Kelly
  3. M03 Vibrant lime green= Lime
  4. M04 Chamois Nude= Bamboo
  5. M05 Deep Sage= Meadow *Limited Edition*
  6. M06 Black= Signed Sealed *Matte 2*
  7. M07 Tan Oatmeal= Soft Brown
  8. M08 Cinnabar Rose= Plum Dressing
  9. M09 Buttermilk Nude= Vanilla * in matte for what I can see*
  10. M10 Buttercup Peach= Samoa Silk *its being discontinue from Mac*
  11. M11 Periwinkle= Fountainbleu
  12. M12 Agua= Agua
  13. M13 Passion Fruit Pink= Melton Mauve
  14. M14 Petal Peach= Saddle
  15. M15 Thistle Lavender= Cobalt
  16. M16 Light Taupe= Charcoal Brown
  17. M17 Midnight Blue= Meet the Fleet *Limited Edition*
  18. M19 Cloud White= Gesso
  19. M20 Raw Silk= Brule
  20. M21 Cameo= Haux
  21. M22 Creamy Latte= Dark Edge *Limited Edition* OR Handwritten *Matte 2*
  22. M23 Gunmetal= Typographic
  23. S01 Celadon Green= Juxt, Lustreleaf or Aguaver
  24. S02 Light Blue= Brill *Limited Edition*
  25. S03 Flesh Tone= DreamMaker *Limited Edition*
  26. S04 Iceberg= Zonk Bleu! *Limited Edition*
  27. S05 Frosty Taupe= Patina
  28. S06 Thulian Pink= Plum Dressing
  29. S07 Teas Rose Pink= Solar White *Limited Edition*
  30. S08 Lavender= Purple Haze
  31. S09 Salmon Peach= Honeylust
  32. S10 Green Steel= Sumptious Olive
  33. S11 Paris Green= Kelly * in the shimmer version*
  34. S12 Brandeis Blue= Freshwater
  35. S13 Tyrian Purple= Trax
  36. S14 Regalia Purple= Contrast
  37. S15 Coral Pink= Paradisco
  38. S16 Amethys= Nocturnelle
  39. S17 American Rose= Cranberry
  40. S18 Maize Yellow= Bitter
  41. S19 Satin Lavender= Parfait
  42. S20 Orchid= Vibrant Grape
  43. S21 Wisteria= Romping
  44. S22 Coral= Brick
  45. S23 Steel Blue= Deep Thruth
  46. S24 Forest Green= Shimmermoss
  47. S25 Viridian Green= Gulf Stream
  48. S26 Sterling= Electra
  49. S27 Berry Grey= Print
  50. S28 Chocolate Berry= Sketch
  51. S29 Nude= Rye
  52. S30 Cherry Chocolate= Twinks
  53. S31 Baby Pink= Pink Papillon *Limited Edition*
  54. S32 Melon= Coral
  55. S33 Peach= Texture
  56. S34 Bittersweet Orange= Bold&Brazen
  57. S35 Dark Chocolate= Satin Taupe
  58. S36 Copper Pot= Amber Lights
  59. S37 Nude Tan= Retrospeck
  60. S38 Mauve= Haux *The glitter version*
All of the above are eyeshadows
  1. B01 Rosy Pink= Stomp OR Slave the Love
  2. B02 Magenta Pink= Dirty Plum
  3. B03 Bronze Peach= Pinch Me
  4. B04 Pale Nude= Melba
  5. B05 Lava= Sweet as Cocoa
Now this are the few blushes he had mention..

So as you guys can see this list is super Long!.. and hey who's going to say no to a inexpensive alternative Mac eyeshadows on the Pan form go for $11.50 and on the Pot form they go for $15.00 where the CoastalScents Hot Pots go for $3.95 and some of them are in Clearance and are $1.99 umm * cough cough*  SCORE!!.. The size is the same as of a Mac and they also fit in the Mac pallets.. as of product wise the CS have 1.3g/0.04oz and the Mac has 1.5g/0.05oz ok so you get a little less but there's is a BIG difference in the price!.. Also the CS Hot Pots don't come with a magnetize bottom but I don't see that as a big deal because you can buy a roll of magnet paper anywhere for so little money. By looking at them from site to site some are sooo close to be the exact same to where others are a little off.. But I still think this is a GREAT alternative to all of us who don't want to spend that much money!.. Hope you guys enjoy this post and find it helpful..

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


My Oct Glamour issue came on the mail yesterday and I was so intrigue when I came across  the Top 10 DIY Beauty Recipes and the  ways to use Three Drugstore Classics!.. It opened my eyes to soo many new things that I had never though about and it click me I haven't done a post in such a long time!.. so why not share this with all my Beautiful Girls/Guys (if there's any that follow my blog) So with out further a due here we gooo!..:)

Top 10 DIY Beauty Recipes:
1. Brow sugar + milk= body exfoliator
2. Yogurt + honey= sensitive-skin and redness remedy
3. Safflower oil + Sunflower oil=scalp treatment
4. Petroleum jelly + raw, unrefined sugar= lip scrub
5.A dash of salt + water= surf spray for hair ( I remember my grandma telling me to do this one so I wont damage my hair with hairspray)
6. Rosewater + coconut milk= relaxing bat ( Sooo wanna do this)
7. Warmed-up olive oil= prewash treatment for hair
8. Green tea+ water = Toner
9. Lemon juice + chamomile tea= hair lightener ( when I do this I will post the results)
10. Epsom salt + almond oil + cinnamon oil + sandalwood oil+ allspice oil= hand and foot scrub

10 Ways to Use Three Drugstore Classics
#1 A toothbrush! Use it to....
1. .. get rid of flyaways: Dab hair gel on the bristles, then smooth along your hairline.
2. .. exfoliate lips: wet the brush, and gently rub over lips.
3. ..whip up a face mask: Use it to mix ingredients and apply.
4. ..groom brows: Spritz the bristle with hairspray!
5. ..dye brows: Dip it in hair color, and brush through brows (leave dye on for 3-5 minutes)
6. ..try a laid-back' do: Spray hair with dry shampoo; back-comb with the brush
7. ..cover grays: Coat gray strands with eyeshadow that matches your base color.
8. ..fix mascara: Nix globs.
9. ..remove hair-color stains: Dip the brush in shampoo, and gently scrub around your hairline.
10. ..and well the most obvious!.. brush teeth: Twice!

#2: Petroleum Jelly. It Can...

1. ..gloss eyes: Put a small amount over shadow- or even on bare lids= for chic shine. ( and this I saw my girl Gabriela on YT do.. so hey if Glamour puts it on its top 10!. my girl is ahead of the game)..;)
2. ..boost lashes: Dab on lashes and brows before bed to keep them supple and strong. ( this I will also report back on!.. I will be trying it since I lack on some parts of my
3. ..moisturize lips: All day.
4. .. protect skin while coloring hair: Apply around your hairline to prevent staining.
5. ..soften crackle heels: Coat feet at night, put on cotton socks, wake up smooth.
6. ..chisel cheeks: Pat a (tiny!) bit on cheekbones. ( so in another word save your $ on
7. ..nourish nails: Massage into cuticles to soften them.
8. ..undo foundation overkill: Tap it along skin to break it up.
9. ..soothe cold-induced chapping: It beats fancy creams for the dry skin around the nose-those can sting.
10.. If you don't use jelly... Make a flavored lip gloss. Mix with Kool-Aid! (this I will be doing for my girls since its Natural!)

#3: A Cotton Swab. Try It To...

1. ..desmudge: Dip one in makeup remover to erase goofs.
2. ..create a cat eye: Use one to stretch liner up and out.
3. ..soften a lip-liner edge: Run it over the outside of the line.
4. ..tame heavy eyeliner: Or just perfect for work.
5. a bedroom eye: Apply eyeliner, then remove some.
6. ..lighten up: Dip it in illuminator to highlight cheekbones.
7. ..camouflage darkness: Dab brightening powder under eyes and around nostrils.
8. ..remove fake lashes: Saturate a swab in makeup remover; wiggle across the base of the fake lash to peel it off.
9. ..hide zits: Dab powder over conceler to keep it in place.
10. ..get your money's worth: Dig a swab into any almost-empty jar of precious product. Every Penny counts!.

Well Ive learned a lot from this!.. I hope you guys enjoy it!.. Let me now what you think.. <3

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Urban Decay Brushes..

Urban Decay come up with a couple of brushes and I went ahead and bought 3 of them.. I've had them for a while now but i was testing them out before i actually did a post!..

Blush brush: I love this brush not only for blush but I also use it for a all over powder.. you can also contour with it but I think its kind of soft to work well for that.. its super super soft!.. and for all my animal lovers this brush is vegan.. according to Urban decay the blush brush hair is made from recycled pet plastic bottles and the handle is recycled aluminium so not only is cruelty free but its also earth friendly.. So you get the best of both worlds.. i find myself passing and craving it playing around with it on my face! I bougth mine in Ulta and it was $32
Blush Brush

Blush Brush

Crease brush: I love this brush to blend because of its shape.. i love again how soft it is.. it blends super super GREAT!.. I reach for this one more than my Mac 224.. Urban Decay did a great Job with this brush!.. and well again its Animal friendly and earth friendly!.. In my opinion this brush is great for those who have small eyes because the brush is not big.. Again I bought it in Ulta and it was $26..
Crease brush
Crease brush

24/7 Blending Brush: Now this brush I had issues with.. supposedly this brush is to blend the 24/7 pencils.. well I found that this brush did a horrible job for that because the pencils are sooo fast at drying that I only had a couple of seconds to work.. buttt don't worry i found the PERFECT job!.. I use mine to do my outer V.. it works Perfect for that.. because of the shape that this brush has!.. its small and really dense.. so you have a lot of control to deposit the color on your outer V.. and again I bought mine in Ulta and it was $16.. I think that the price is just Perfect..

24/7 blending brush
24/7 blending brush

the Best Highlighting brush..

.. So i was on the hunt for a Good highlighting brush.. I could never find anything that did the job without living a whole lot of product on my face!.. so one day I went to Sephora and found the stippling brush #113.. and I'm in LOVE it leaves me the right amount of product on my face and blends like a dream.. so it looks like I have a glow coming from within.. if you know what i mean.. it was $32.. but here goes the down side.. it did shed on me not once but twice.. not a whole lot but i mean for the price it shouldn't of shade at all!.. I'm pretty sure you guys can find something similar for the fraction of the price..

Sephora stippling #113

Sunday, March 13, 2011

... And the winner is!...

...Well 1st of all I want to thank each and every one of you for entering!... Believe this won't be my only giveaway!... Ill be having more!.. So stay tune to my blog!.. And now without further due the winner is Shopatspicywedding!.. Congratulations to the winner!.. I already announce it on twitter and waiting for the winner to respond!..

Friday, March 11, 2011


            Well its almost time to pick a winner!... I wish everyone who entered LUCK and believe me that this will not be the last giveaway ill have in my blog!.. so stay around and find out what will be next!.. so its 11:08 pm... ill be announcing the winner Sunday!.. around the same time so be on the look out for that post!.. Again I want to thank everyone!.. thank you for your entries i LOVE reading each and one of them!.. So let me tell you who inspires me.. First of all God his my creator ans saviour!.. after him I would have to say my Husband.. he inspires me to think big and not give up... and last but not least my baby's they teach me sooo much!... well there goes my little rant! again THANK YOU!...:0)

Time to conceal...

     Well recently i posted that i needed help with ideas for my blog.. and Shopatspicyweeding was kind enough to give me a little hint.. she wants to know what I think of concealers!.. well here goes my thoughts on them.. i currently have Mac Studio Sculpt in NW35, Kat VonD tattoo concealer in caramel, Revlon colorStay under eye concealer in medium,Dream Mousse concealer in beige, Hard <3 Candy Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer in medium and in tan, Victoria Secret camouflage FX concealer palette and last but not least Hard <3 candy nobodies perfect concealer palette... so lets start with

     Mac Studio Sculpt: I love this one for my scares.. its very creamy and i like to use it with my fingers just because it warms up the product.. since its creamy you have to set it with a powder.. so this one is $16.50 the price is not bad for all the product you get.. but there are so many similar products in the drugstores!..

     Kat Von D: This one is not all is crack up to be for me is very creamy and not as full cover as it says to be.. don't get me wrong it covers but i wouldn't say it covers a tattoo!.. so the price in Sephoras web site is $25 for that price i have to see NO scares what so ever.. but that's not the case for me!.. Love the consistency but not the COVERAGE!..

     REVLON Color Stay: I LOVE this one for my under eyes.. you know that glowy look!.. well i get that with this product!.. i use the bareMinerals well-rested to set it.. so that helps A LOT!.. This product is only $7.95..

    Maybelline DREAM MOUSSE: I love the concept if this product its a mousse but after you apply it.. it turns to a powder!.. COOL RIGHT!.. its great for your under eyes and minimal scaring.. if you have HUGE scars i would have to say it doesn't work.. well not on me.. i have a HUGE scar in my right cheek and it doesn't cover it very well.. This one is only $7.95.. when I bought it!.. unfortunately is been discontinue..

Hard <3 Candy Glamoflauge concealer: I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE this product.. this is what the
 Kat Von D should be for the price.. the coverage is SUPER!.. you only need a pea size amount and when i say a pea size i mean it!.. a little goes a LONG way!.. and for only $6.00 bucks!.. i have 2 colors because the ligther one i use it for my under eyes and i set it with my bareMinerals also.. and the darker one for any scars that I have.. I have to say this might just might be a Holly grail product for me!..

Victoria Secret Pro camouflage FX concealer palette: This one has 5 colors and the concept is to conceal your redness and all the other color issues you are having.. i like to mix the 2nd and the 3rd color to get my right color to conceal my scars.. and the green one i LOVE it does cover the redness of my scars and little visitors i have.. if you get my drift!..;) and there's a orange/brown looking color that its great for your under eyes!.. cause it cancels all the blue or purple that you might have.. the price on this baby is  $14.00 dollars for all those colors..

     Hard >3 Candy Nobody's Perfect Concealer Palette: This palette comes with 6 different colors for you to conceal all the little problems that you might have.. like redness and your blue under your eyes!.. i like the concept but the consistency is NOT great some get very dry.. where others tend to get like little drops of water that turn the product watery!.. it comes with a brush that well to my point of view is useless.. cause i think that its always better to put your concealers with your fingers.. because of the warmth of your fingers will blend the product much better.. I hope you can tell the water on the 1st one from your Left hand side.. and the price is only $8.00..
So if I would have to pick of all this.. I would have to go with the Hard <3 Candy Glamoflauge.. I LOVE everything about it the consistency and not to say the price!.. for mom with a budget like myself this is a GREAT deal.. Thank you for taking your time and reading my blog.. if you have any request let me know!.. much Love Lili..