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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mac dupes/comparisons from CoastalScents Hot Pots..

So I was looking for dupes for the 28 Neutral Pallet.. and I came across a video that Enkoremakeup has about Hot pots from CoastalScents and he was giving lots of dupes/comparisons from Mac.. so I decided to share this with you guys.. but when I went to the CoastalScents website they have change the numbering they had previously and now they have names so i went one by one to see the new names that they have for the colors.. so on this list I will given you the old number with the new name they have as of now with the Mac dupe/comparison.. If you want you can go to YouTube and look for the videos Enkoremakeup made they are called Hot Pots and Hot Pots Too..
  1. M01 Powder Pink= Casa Blanca * Limited Edition*
  2. M02 Jungle green= Kelly
  3. M03 Vibrant lime green= Lime
  4. M04 Chamois Nude= Bamboo
  5. M05 Deep Sage= Meadow *Limited Edition*
  6. M06 Black= Signed Sealed *Matte 2*
  7. M07 Tan Oatmeal= Soft Brown
  8. M08 Cinnabar Rose= Plum Dressing
  9. M09 Buttermilk Nude= Vanilla * in matte for what I can see*
  10. M10 Buttercup Peach= Samoa Silk *its being discontinue from Mac*
  11. M11 Periwinkle= Fountainbleu
  12. M12 Agua= Agua
  13. M13 Passion Fruit Pink= Melton Mauve
  14. M14 Petal Peach= Saddle
  15. M15 Thistle Lavender= Cobalt
  16. M16 Light Taupe= Charcoal Brown
  17. M17 Midnight Blue= Meet the Fleet *Limited Edition*
  18. M19 Cloud White= Gesso
  19. M20 Raw Silk= Brule
  20. M21 Cameo= Haux
  21. M22 Creamy Latte= Dark Edge *Limited Edition* OR Handwritten *Matte 2*
  22. M23 Gunmetal= Typographic
  23. S01 Celadon Green= Juxt, Lustreleaf or Aguaver
  24. S02 Light Blue= Brill *Limited Edition*
  25. S03 Flesh Tone= DreamMaker *Limited Edition*
  26. S04 Iceberg= Zonk Bleu! *Limited Edition*
  27. S05 Frosty Taupe= Patina
  28. S06 Thulian Pink= Plum Dressing
  29. S07 Teas Rose Pink= Solar White *Limited Edition*
  30. S08 Lavender= Purple Haze
  31. S09 Salmon Peach= Honeylust
  32. S10 Green Steel= Sumptious Olive
  33. S11 Paris Green= Kelly * in the shimmer version*
  34. S12 Brandeis Blue= Freshwater
  35. S13 Tyrian Purple= Trax
  36. S14 Regalia Purple= Contrast
  37. S15 Coral Pink= Paradisco
  38. S16 Amethys= Nocturnelle
  39. S17 American Rose= Cranberry
  40. S18 Maize Yellow= Bitter
  41. S19 Satin Lavender= Parfait
  42. S20 Orchid= Vibrant Grape
  43. S21 Wisteria= Romping
  44. S22 Coral= Brick
  45. S23 Steel Blue= Deep Thruth
  46. S24 Forest Green= Shimmermoss
  47. S25 Viridian Green= Gulf Stream
  48. S26 Sterling= Electra
  49. S27 Berry Grey= Print
  50. S28 Chocolate Berry= Sketch
  51. S29 Nude= Rye
  52. S30 Cherry Chocolate= Twinks
  53. S31 Baby Pink= Pink Papillon *Limited Edition*
  54. S32 Melon= Coral
  55. S33 Peach= Texture
  56. S34 Bittersweet Orange= Bold&Brazen
  57. S35 Dark Chocolate= Satin Taupe
  58. S36 Copper Pot= Amber Lights
  59. S37 Nude Tan= Retrospeck
  60. S38 Mauve= Haux *The glitter version*
All of the above are eyeshadows
  1. B01 Rosy Pink= Stomp OR Slave the Love
  2. B02 Magenta Pink= Dirty Plum
  3. B03 Bronze Peach= Pinch Me
  4. B04 Pale Nude= Melba
  5. B05 Lava= Sweet as Cocoa
Now this are the few blushes he had mention..

So as you guys can see this list is super Long!.. and hey who's going to say no to a inexpensive alternative Mac eyeshadows on the Pan form go for $11.50 and on the Pot form they go for $15.00 where the CoastalScents Hot Pots go for $3.95 and some of them are in Clearance and are $1.99 umm * cough cough*  SCORE!!.. The size is the same as of a Mac and they also fit in the Mac pallets.. as of product wise the CS have 1.3g/0.04oz and the Mac has 1.5g/0.05oz ok so you get a little less but there's is a BIG difference in the price!.. Also the CS Hot Pots don't come with a magnetize bottom but I don't see that as a big deal because you can buy a roll of magnet paper anywhere for so little money. By looking at them from site to site some are sooo close to be the exact same to where others are a little off.. But I still think this is a GREAT alternative to all of us who don't want to spend that much money!.. Hope you guys enjoy this post and find it helpful..


  1. I've never ordered CS before...but I've heard good things. Do you like the quality?

  2. Hi Thanks for sharing this, it was very helpful

  3. Hi, please can you compare the quality vs to mac eyeshadows ? Thanks.

    1. I have been searching everywhere for Samoa silk this helps immensely because I own a lot of the coastal scents hot pots and assure you they're high quality just as good as Mac I just never found the dupe for Samoa silk going to the CS website right now love this blog!!!

  4. I have about 40 of the Coastal Scents Hot Pots and about the same in MAC shadows and I personally feel the quality of the CS shadows rival and often excel MAC. The CS ones can be shimmery and a little soft, but in color payoff, I reach for CS before MAC. The Hot Pots compare to Urban Decay in texture and payoff.