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Thursday, December 29, 2011



This Blushes are AMAZING!!!.. they have a range of colors and as we all know Tarte is a Company that uses lots of natural ingriends in there Products!.. These are the new Blushes that Tarte came up with I believe this year they are called the Amazonian Clay and they claim to wear for long time.. which I will add Ive had them for a couple of months and they DO wear for a long time.. I LOVE these Blushes the Formula is SOOO soft and Highly Pigmented.. A little goes a long way specially for the Brigth ones..
I have 5 of them and I Love them all!.. I just migth have to pick the rest up.. they are that GREAT!..:D

Left: Blissful, Right: Tipsy

Left: Natural Beauty Right: Flush


Swaches: L-R exposed, blissful, tipsy, natural beauty, flush
As you can see the swatches are STUNNING they are SOOO pigmented and they just glide on your cheecks!.. If I would  have to pick 2 of them to be my Favorite I would have to go with Expose and Blissful they look so Natural on me and Even when I layer them over and over I dont get that CRAZY clown look.. LOVE LOVE!!.. Expose is a Light Brown with pink undertones and it shows SO defferent on everyone on me it looks like I just Blushed I love this color It one of my Most used colors. I also like to layer my Blushes, well everything for that matter (Mascara,Foundation,LipGloss,Lipstick) I layer this one with Matahari from NARS and I LOVE the look I get and I also like to layer it with Flush and OMG!..:D
Hope you Guys enjoy the 2nd part of my Blush Collection..


  1. Nice!! You have a whole collection!!!! ^_^ I need to get these ASAP!

  2. @ Rainy Days and Lattes: I think they made new ones..:O but I havent seen them yet!.. But these blushes are a AMAZING!.. if you only get one I would recommend the Expose it goes with everything!.. Thank you for visiting my Blog and commenting!..xoxo Lili