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Thursday, December 29, 2011


So as I said in one of my previous Post I was going to do my Blush Collection, So here it goes I'm going to start with One of my FAVORITE brands NARS!.. I have to say that Nars has its names with at 1st when my Husband would ask me whats the name of the Blush I was using I was a little timid on telling Nars Blushes are very Pigmented and a Little goes a LONG way no LIE!.. They have a range of colors from an everyday use to BAMM on your Face..  :D

Exhibit A

Top:Orgasm, R:Angelika
L:DeepThroat, Bottom:MataHari

Top: Madly, R:LoveJoy
L:Douceur, Bottom: Sex Appeal

As you can see I have a range of colors, I have to say that my favs are Douceur, Madly, LoveJoy, Mata Hari and Exhibit A.. I LOVE Mata Hari is a tone down purple and a little goes a long way you can pile it up if you want and get a Really Intense Purple so BEAUTIFUL..  Douceur is such a GORGEOUS color and on me it looks like a pinkie brown and on other people it has a different affect in my opinion its a MOST!!.. Now Exhibit A its such a BEAUTIFUL color and now this one you really need a VERY light hand its SUPER pigmented!!.. and it looks BEAUTIFUL on EVERYONE!..:)

Top:Cactus Flower, R: Penny Lane
L:Gold Member, Bottom: Lokoum
I have 4 Cream Blushes and they are GREAT!.. I use them as a base for other Blushes or just as a Blush alone.. Gold Member its such a pretty Highlight!.. and Cactus Flower I've even used it as a lip stick/gloss and it has a really good pay off. Cream Blushes as you all know, can be used in SO many ways. and NARS Cream Blushes have a very soft and pigmented consistency..


South Beach

South Beach

I really like the idea of a Multiple, But on my face I think the shimmer its too much!.. What I use it for its for a eyeshadow base.. and on me it doesn't crease.. South Beach is like a Bronze with like a Peachy undertone..

And last but certainly not least, this is the only Highlight I own, its a really BEAUTIFUL highlight and on me it looks like it has a Gold undertone.. and what I like the most is that it doesn't bring out my large pores.. Thumps up for that..:)

Well there you go!.. My NARS Blush Collection.. :D Hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think and what you want to see next.. Wish you a Happy New Year next to all your Family Members.. :D

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