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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hervana Blush Swatches and Comparisons to Sugarbomb..

Hello There!!!.. I guess Blogging has now come part of my Everyday routine!. Woohoo!!.. I hope I can keep up with it!.. *fingers crossed* :)
So as we all know Benefit came up with a new Blush called Hervana!.. When I first saw it I was shocked cause it looked Matt.. I own Bella Bamba Which I Love!.. and I also have Sugarbomb which is another one of my favorites from them!.. SO I though I would show you Herbana up close and Compare it to Sugarbomb since they both have the same concept!.

On Sephora's website its described as a shell, peach rose berry Color!.. I love  how it looks in the pan, it reminds me of a  I even think this Blush would be Great to do a soft Baby pink eye look.. ;)

Now prepare yourself for  little rant!.. So I was looking at the packaging and I notice that Hervana has way more less product than Sugarbomb!.. :O wayy less!!.. Hervana has .28oz and Sugarbomb has .42oz that's almost half!!.. and why I asked myself the price is still the same!.. shame shame!!!.. As you can see there's a bit of a difference on the height on the boxes!.. And you can sure feel the weight difference!.. Not cool Bebefit! Not cool!!.. Ok now back to the product itself!

As you can see the color scheme is way different on the Herbana than the Sugarbomb.. Herbana leans more on the Pink/Berry side, where Sugarbomb is more of a Peach/Coral pinkie side and Herbana is LESS Glittery than Sugarbomb which I like very much!!.. Also Herbana has a flowery smell to it.. I smell it when I'm dipping my Brush into the product but after I have it on I cant smell anything.. which its good cause I'm not into flowery smells.. I'm more into sweet/musky smells..:)

With Flash: L-R Hervana, Sugarbomb

Without Flash: L-R Hervana, Sugarbomb

As you can see Herbana does lean to the Pink side and on me it looks like it has a hint of a Lilac color.. You tell me!.. :) Where as Sugarbomb is completely on the Orange/Coral color.. I like how Hervana looks more Matt than Satin.. where as Sugarbomb is completly Frosty..

I love both colors in a different way, I just don't get why did they have to put less product in the Pan but still manage to charge the same!.. that its the only thing that I really don't like!..

Thank you for Reading and God Bless.. Lili


  1. nice blushes!!! i have to get them. thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for reading. And commenting. :)