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Monday, January 9, 2012

My Best 2011!!..

So I though I would do my Best of 2011 Products.. Since I have never done one before.. Hopefully this wont be the last one I do!.. and it's going to be soo much fun seeing if anything changed when I do the one for this year!..;) The way I'll be doing the Post is ill show you the Products that stood out of the rest and the ones that I bought not once but over and over again!.. Ill be putting the product how I do when I do my makeup!.. that way I can remember So with out further due here are the Best of 2011!!!.. (talk show voice)..hehe..

Since I have acne prone skin I really love the Clear Prep FX, it helps with my acne and gives me a Matt finish witch I really like. I really don't like the "Glowing" look I have a oily T zone and I tend to stay away from anything that gives me "Glow". 
For my eyes Ive fallen in love with the Nars Pro-Prime I really like the Nars one but this year I reached more for the Nars since I have a Boy with Very busy little hands and lips! I notice that when he would "kiss" me he would leave with some of my eyeshadow on his lips when I would wear my UDPP, But with my Nars I didn't notice that!.. Hence why I used it too much this year!..
For and all over setting powder I reached more for my MUFE HD powder, like I said I try to stay away from Glowing skin and the HD powder does a great job on leaving my face Matt.. 2 thumps up for MUFE!..  Ive used it for the whole year and I still see it FULL so I say that I got my mine worth on this product!..woohoo!..


I had the Naked Pallet ever since it came out and Ive LOVED it ever since.. The Storm Pallet It's a Joy the colors are sooo smooth and very everyday wear!.. As you can see now I'm a very neutral kind of girl, ill do color here and there, but most of the time its my browns taupe's and light colors.. I love M.A.C Soft Brown for my blending color and when I'm very lazy all do any shimmery color and just blend it with Soft Brown. Blanc Type is ALWAYS my brow color i hardly every do a shimmery color on my brow.. *between me and you I think Blanc Type will be the very 1st color that I will HIT pan!* :O For a Base when I want that certain color to pop I would do the NYX Milk or my Paint Pot in GroundWork.. They both go very smooth and evenly.. But with the NYX a little goes a long way, cause otherwise it WILL crease on you..


My brows aren't the Kim's K!.. I only wish! So they need all the Help they can get and I have to say that Anastasia is the QUEEN on that I love the powder and the pencil they both are great and the brow  brush on the Pencil is the BEST!!.. Soft and gentle on your brows!.. Ive had the powder for almost a year and I still haven't seen a dent on it.. *Very Impressive* for setting gel and stuff I would use a clear mascara or the Gel that comes with the Anastasia Kit. But I didn't see a difference on the wear..:)

I have to give it to MUFE and Laura Mercier they have GREAT foundations/tinted moisturizer!!.. I never use one foundation/tinted moisturizer Alone I ALWAYS mix them, with anything like MAC face and body or other foundations I have at home and I really like the finish I get and the coverage..


For any "imperfection's" on my face I like the MUFE Full Cover it very full coverage and a little goes a long way!.. But what I like the most its when I have those *unwanted problems on my face* wink wink!.. This doesn't make them pop like other concealers do especially when they are Dry!..:/ For under my circles I really really like the L'oreal  true match it has a peachy undertone and it gives me a * I slept well look* and for that pop of help I like the Powderflage by Benefit.. My friend Aholibama gave me a sample a long time a go and since then I loved it and bought the Full thing and just like the other products Ive mention this thing will last me for a LONG time!!..(NO LIE)

I have to say that Mascaras was the HARDEST thing to choose!!..:/ I have tried tons of them in the part year from High end to Drugstore(I HATE saying LOW end just a little rant there)..hehe.. But I narrowed it down to 2 of them I love love the Rimmel Last Accelerator I have to say the name fits it!.. it gives me Length and well I have Medium length lashes and they really like to point South!.. and this Mascara gives me length by time length!.. and I got a sample of the Tarte lights,camera,lashes and ever since i used it I fell in Love with it!.. and the combination that these 2 mascaras gives me its AMAZING!.. I like to combine my mascaras so its never the same combination, but this combination I used the most and that's why I put it my 2011 Favs..:D Now eyelash curler I give again to Tarte!.. it fits so well in my eyes and it gives me curl I want! I also have the Shuamura* I think that's how you spell it*  But I used this one the Most!..:)


When it came to Mascaras and Blushes I had SUCH a HARD time on choosing them!.. *you might Not know this but I'm a Blush FREAK!!* I love love Blushes!.. And well how I went on about it, was I choose the ones I used the most when I did my makeup and the ones I reached for the MOST!.. When I had Natural eye I went with My Matahari by Nars and when I decided to put some color on my eye I loved using my Exposed but not only when I did a pop of color I would also Mix these 2 colors together and I loved how they looked!..

When it comes to eyeliner Ive had such a hard time finding any eyeliner that stays in my waterline, no matter if they are High end or from the Drugstore.. But the ones that I really like because of the consistency are the MAC ones and the Urban Decay ones(and from the Drugstore the Milani ones are AMAZING).. now for eyeliner/marker I really really love the NYX  Super Skinny Marker its just soo easy to use and its very long wearing..

Now when it comes to lips, I really don't use much because I dislike the fact that I have to reapply it over and over.. But the ones I use everyday is the Burt's Bees chap stick *as you can see the label is no longer there because of how much I use it!..:D and the one I use EVERY night without a doubt it my Korres Lip Butter.. And when I don't have my Burt's Bees on I have Angelica by Nars this is just a color that goes with any look.. When I put it ligthly it just gives my very nice pink! and when I pill ed it on it Such a Strong color!;) pure <3 ..

Two Brushes stood up to me and I used them EVERYDAY with my foundation, the reason why I didn't add eye brushes is because I would randomly use my Brushes.. But these two I would use all the time. The bottom one is the Sigma F80 Flat top Synthetic Kabuki this brushes its Incredible I would use it with my foundation/cream blushes and it would just leave me a flawless appearance.. *A most have in my opinion* ;)
The top one is the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman as we all know in YouTube as one of the sisters on Pixiwoo.. This is another brush that its soo multi purpose I used it with my foundation, powder blush and I even used it with setting my under eye area.. Its such a great Brush to have in your collection.. :D


Nailssss!.. I love painting my nails I probably do it 2-3 times a week!..:D and the things I'm showing you and the ones that stood out the most.. The Cosmetic Art are Amazing polishes!!.. I found mine in my local Ross and they are so inexpensive *umm a way plus* and they are soo smooth and very long wearing even more than my Essie and some O that i have..*shocking right?) sadly they don't sell them everywhere!..*boohoo* But they do have a website. and the other down side its that, the bottle does not have a name.. but I looked it up and i believe its Mauve To This.. For a base or even a top coat I like the Sally Hansen Double Duty.. and for my Top coat I love love the Seche Clear.. this year I discovered the Beauty Secrets Acetone and what I like its that it doesn't leave that tight feeling to my nails and it says that it has Wheat Protein and Vitamin E *Good right?* 
I hope you enjoy my rant there! and let me know what you enjoyed, I would love to read what you have and maybe I can find new products to try out!..;)

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