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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Well Helllo there Again!!.. I guess I'm becoming a "Good" Blogger! ;) and posting things when I'm suppose to! So I saw one of Emily Noel's video as Most of you know shes a BIG Youtube Guru and she has tons of reviews!.. And Most of them are about affordable things!.. and I have to say that Drugstore make has steeped up they're game and have come out with SOOO many good things in the past few Months!.. I just hope they keep up that way!.. :D

So I picked up 4 of them and I decided to get a range of colors.. They feel sooo weird when you first touch them.. It even feels like your finger is going to go all the way down to the pan.. the consistency of them is sooo strange and like NOTHING I have never felt!.. The name BOUNCY BLUSH fits it sooo well!.. They do feel Bouncy!.. :)
#10 Pink Frosting

Like the name says it.. It's a Pinkie Blush, But I don't see the Frost part!.. On me it looks like it has a Blue undertone.. and its Not frosty at all more like Dewy!..

#50 Plum Wine

The name says it all!.. This a Plum Wine color and I'm a Sucker for anything in the Plum Family!.. Since my complexion its more tan I like how the purple,wine colors look on me.. and this color is No exception!.. Especially when I add on top Flush by Tarte.. its just Love!.. :)

#60 Coffee Cake

Now this one the Name PULLED me! I'm a Coffee LOVER 100%.. OK enough about coffee!.. the color is stunning on the pan, But on me it comes out very sheer!.. :/ I think it would be great as a Highlight!.. but will see.. :)

#70 Hot Tamale

This was the guilty one of why I decided to take a look at them!.. This one was the one that Emily Noel reviewed.. I love the color its like a Coral pink Blush!.. It's Beautiful.. I wore this one the other day and I have to say that it did last on me.. and then I wore it again and I added Nars Exhibit A over it, and it looks sooo Pretty!.. It leans more to the Coral side when I added the Exhibit A.. :)

With Flash: L-R #10,50.60,70

Without Flash: L-R #10,50,60,70

On the swatches I did two layers. And I personally think that they are Stunning!.. I really like the range of colors that I picked!.

Ok so I've heard from other people, that it doesn't last in their cheek's that by the couple of hours there's nothing there!.. :/ Well I have to say that on me they DON'T last all day but they do last. Especially when I layer a color on top.. Now I'm not oily on my cheek's so that might help, but I do have an oily T zone.. If I would to recommend you one I would have to go with #50 Plum Wine.. Thank you for reading and if you do pick one or two up, let me know what you think.. :D
Thank you and God Bless.. Lili

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