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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

L'OREAL 24HR infallible Review and Swatches..

When I first heard of these Products coming out I was very intrigued and saw them in a couple of videos, before they even came to the good ol USA.. and then when I saw one of the BEST blogs ever about anything and everything Drugstore did a post I fell in love!!.. They looked even better than I have imagine.. and then roaming thru my Ulta I found a Big display of them *Not a good idea to go to Ulta*hehehe.. I picked two of them up and I fell in LOVE the consistency of these shadows is like something I have Never seen or felt.. :O they are smooth and velvety and then they also have Matt shades*has your mouth drooped* cause mine And Monday I was in my Local Walgreen's picking up a couple of necessities. And I saw a small *and may i say hidden display Not Cool Walgreen's!* ans they had all of the shades and they had buy one get one 50% off *woohoo Score!!.. so I picked up the rest except the Black one because I really don't use black that much!..

I picked up 9 of the 10 shades..
From left to right 1st top row:

  • 222 Infinite Sky: Its completely what the name says its a Metallic Sky blue Gorgeous color I don't have anything like this in my collection.. :) 
  • 333 Golden Sage: Its an Olive green color with like a metallic look it it.. it reminds me a lot of Humid from MAC.
  • 555 Perpetual Purple: Its a Beautiful Plum color it seems like this one also has that hint of metallic look to it. and it goes on soo smooth.. 
From let to right 2nd row:
  • 891 Continuous Cocoa: I LOVE LOVE this color. Its a Deep Brown and its not Matt but its doesn't have that metallic look to it like the others.. its more of a Satin look i would have to say.. its great for a crease color.
  • 888 Iced Latte: Its an AMAZING Metallic pinkie gold color if I would say which color is close to looking like this one it would have to be AllthatGlitters from MAC but this one is about to shades darker and Metallic all the way.. Great Great color for and everyday look..
  • 889 Midnight Blue: its a deep blue with glitter but not junkie glitter its stunning for a deep blue smokey eye, it has like a sheen to it its very nice..
From left to right 3rd row:
  • 899 Endless Pearl: Its a Matt pearl color if I would have to say to which color it looks like I would go with Blanc Type from MAC but this one is much MORE softer! and it blends BEAUTIFULLY!.. this is another color that I LOVE and have used every time I do my Makeup..:D
  • 997 Eternal Sunshine: Its an AMAZING metallic Gold color easy to use on those lazy makeup days just all over the lid and blend it into the crease and you are done.. A GREAT everyday color..:D
  • 998 Sultry Smoke: This is a Matt Gray with hints of blue undertones. its a Beautiful color and soo smooth when you apply it on your lid!..

These colors are Just stunning!!..
When you open the Lid you will see these little kinda like stoppers looking like things*wow that was long* and on it it tell you (DO NOT DISCARD) just like that. I think that they are meant to keep the product from getting dry.. but I have no idea.. :D


Without the Flash. From Left-Right:222 Infinite Sky,333 Golden Sage,555 Perpetual Purple,
891Continuous Cocoa, 888 Iced Latte, 889 Midnight Blue,
899 Endless Pearl, 997 Eternal Sunshine, 998 Sultry Smoke

With Flash.

As you can see the colors are AMAZING!!.. If I could recommend some of the shades I would go with Iced Latte, Continuous Cocoa, Perpetual Purple and Endless Pearl.. They range on Price from where you picked them up at Ulta I got mine for $6.99 and in my Walgreen's they were $5.99 and also they were buy one get one half off.. Hope you enjoy another Post and let me know if and when you picked some up and what colors you picked up..
Thank you for reading my Blog and God Bless!.. Lili

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